A valley full of trails for everyone and in every season

In the local dialect, Trodoi means trails, mountain paths, mule tracks.
The Valbrenta has hundreds of them.
At the right bank of the river, up and down the Sette Comuni Plateau, and on the left along the
entire Grappa Massif, from the Belluno borders to the peak of Cima Grappa. An endless network
of paths on which we can immerse ourselves in the rugged, sometimes harsh nature of the Valley,
or in the more northern, barren nature at the top, with its lakes and streams and its beech and
larch trees. Vestiges of the “larger” historical moments lie here, from the Middle Ages under the
rule of Venice and the Signorie, all the way to the World Wars. Alongside them are the “smaller”
moments, represented by the hard work and inventiveness with which humankind has shaped the
surrounding landscape over time, yielding only a meagre sustenance from it. Stories of migrants,
stonecutters, soldiers, farmers, tobacco smugglers, rafters and loggers.
The paths intertwine, not only geographically when it comes to fascination, stimuli
and surprises that await us round the corner. There is a route for everyone here: young and old,
experts and beginners, athletes and amateurs. We present only some of the many paths available:
these are tested, hand-picked loop trails that can offer a few hours or a day of invigorating
exercise, working up a good sweat while enjoying the landscapes, scents and colours
of the changing seasons with a feeling of serenity and a few good tips in your back pocket.
Let’s go – today, we’re walking the trodoi.

Check out the website www.trodoitrails.com

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